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Online Surveys

QStar Consulting offers an online survey facility showing your survey questionnaire on a branded web page with your logo and instructions to respondents. A custom online questionnaire would be created where you can define the questions and rules.

  • Multiple Choice questions (where the respondent selects one or more options from a list)
  • Single answer questions (where the respondent selects a single option from a list)
  • Yes / No questions
  • Open ended questions (free text)
  • Other question types you may require
  • Questions can be mandatory or optional
  • Question sequence can be changed
  • The user can jump to a different question depending on the answer given to the current question, e.g. The rule “If yes, go to section B, if no go to section C” can be programmed in to happen automatically.

There is the facility to log in and export the responses or view reports of the results online. We can also include the facility to collect respondents’ contact details and preferences and allow respondents to bookmark their place and return later to login and complete a survey.

Training and software maintenance can be included so that you have ongoing support in using the system.