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Search Engine Optimisation

In order for search engines to be able to easily search and index it, your site should be optimised with appropriate content and keywords. We can modify your website to ensure that it is fully optimised for search engines to easily find and rank your pages. Only approved SEO techniques are used to ensure that your site has the best chance possible of ranking well on top search engines.

QStar Consulting has a track record of successful SEO campaigns, with our clients ranking No.1 on Google for their chosen keyword combinations.

Keyword research

Thorough research is required to ensure that the most relevant keywords are selected for targeted and effective search engine optimisation.

On-Site Search Engine Optimisation

The code for each page should be adjusted so that each page includes titles, description and keywords specific to that page within the HTML code, to allow search engines to access the content more easily, and therefore rank the website better, without affecting the layout and design of the website.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimisation

To build a network of incoming links to boost your sites importance and thus rankings on search engines, the site should be submitted to all major search engines and listed on appropriate directories. Precision IT Consulting will also research and recommend sites suitable for link exchanges, article submissions and paid listings and implement where approved by the client.

Monitoring & Analysis

Website traffic reports including visitor statistics will be provided on a monthly basis. The website traffic should be monitored to determine the effectiveness of the Search Engine Optimisation and to ensure a continuous improvement in the visibility and effectiveness of the site as a marketing tool.

Pay-per-click Advertising

With Google Ads, adverts for your website, linked to appropriate keywords or phrases related to the business can be created on Google. When people search on Google using one of these keywords, the ad can appear next to the search results, meaning that the adverts can reach a targeted audience. Clicking on the advert will bring the prospective customer to your website. Cost-per-click pricing means that only ads that are clicked on are paid for, and a daily budget can be set for this. Detailed reports can be provided showing the effectiveness of each ad and keyword selection.

To run a truly effective Ads campaign, keyword research and analysis and ongoing campaign management is required.